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Jackie Garner, British wildlife artist

Wildlife artist's blog


The Wildlife Art of
Ancient Egypt
I'm illustrating a book about the incredible wildlife paintings and hieroglyphs created by the Ancient Egyptians >> The Wildlife Art of Ancient Egypt

Golden Eagle

Golden Brown
painting in acrylics

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'Eye of the Beholder' painting of African Elephant in acrylics

Eye of the Beholder painting of African Elephant in acrylics
Large and small canvas prints available

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Goose of Meidum

Next Exhibitions and Events
Thrilled to have launched a new collection of work at the Lloyd's Art Group annual exhibition. Inspired by patterns in nature such as rock formations, rock pool ripples, spalted wood, these are quite different in style from my previous work and I'm loving this venture into something new. Also loved bringing wildlife art to the heart of the City of London!
29 December 2018

Go on, you know you want to!
I'm often struck by how many people want to take up art, but for some reason, they don't quite get to it. Maybe lack of time, lack of confidence, or just needing a nudge at the right time. It's such a shame when painting and drawing is easily affordable for the beginner, there are ample classes around and books on the subject abound. The rewards are amazing - the satisfaction of creating something, networking with like-minded people at classes and increased creativity as you progress. Go on, give it a try!
Posted 11 August 2018

Jackie Garner, British Wildlife Artist

I'm a British wildlife artist, who paints UK and international wildlife. Like many wildlife artists, I've been inspired by visits overseas, in my case to the Falkland Islands, Egypt, Spain and India. I've also been commissioned for various wildlife illustration projects. I'm a keen birder so many of my most recent works are paintings of British birds - however recently I've been embracing the animal-, reptile- and insect- side of wildlife art. See my wildlife artist profile

Wildlife Art Gallery
My artwork usually starts with experiencing wildlife in its own environment. My sketches are made outdoors in front of the subject, and they either remain as sketches or are later worked up in the studio. You can see examples of my wildlife paintings, in the online wildlife art gallery

Falklands penguins, painting in acrylics, link to Falklands page

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