Jackie Garner, Wildlife Artist biog: The Wildlife of Ancient Egypt project

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Jackie Garner is a professional wildlife artist based in Gloucestershire, England. Her latest venture is a ground-breaking research project investigating the wildlife species depicted in ancient Egyptian art. In 2008 Jackie spent six weeks in Egypt with a team of researchers, led by ornitho-egyptologist John Wyatt investigating wildlife art in museums, tombs and temples. Her role was to make as accurate as possible representations of the art when a photographic image is not possible. The resulting paintings can later be used for study and identification of the wildlife species depicted.

John's and Jackie's knowledge of birds has allowed them to question some of the established thinking about the wildlife of Ancient Egypt. The research has included all kinds of wildlife artwork: paintings, carvings, hieroglyphs, objects, ostraca, and papyrus, and are also checking bone and mummy records. The results will be published as A Guide to the Birds of Ancient Egypt.

For further information visit www.jackiegarner.co.uk/egypt.htm