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Penduline Tits

Penduline Tits, painting in acrylics

A nip in the air. Freezing fingers. Watching….scanning… searching the reed mace… time passes. Found them! Big smile.

Ever since I started thumbing through bird books I always wanted to see Penduline Tits, but never really thought it a possibility in the UK. Least of all did I think they'd turn up a mere 10 miles of my home. With their little dark bandit masks and dapper plumage, they were perfectly camouflaged amongst the read mace, but well worth the effort it took to find them.

Why choose an original painting?

- Link your art to the hobbies that are important to you

- Express your individuality with a unique piece, a world away from mass productions

- Remind your friends of their favourite animal or bird with the perfect picture for their home

- Bring the beauty of nature into your home




Penduline Tits, framed original acrylic painting
for sale £480
44cm x 36 cm / 17" x 14"

Shipping not included. Please contact me for further details and delivery options.




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