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Albatross chick

Acrylics painting of Black-browed Albatross Chick

As soon as I saw the Black-Browed Albatross chicks I knew I had to paint them. If you look at the chicks head on, they have a slightly dopey expression that made me giggle whenever I saw them.

The adult birds are sleek and beautiful but their chicks are covered in down and quite ungainly. The nests are built from mud, with extra mud being added each year, so a chick in an old nest can be quite high off the ground. The nest has a design fault – there’s no drainage, so if there’s a prolonged period of rain the poor chick ends up sitting in a puddle.

While the official title of this picture is Black-Browed Albatross Chick its working title was 'soppy Albatross' and I still can't think of it as anything else!

Why choose a greetings card based on an original painting?

- A unique card - no high street store duplicates

- Quirky and fun

- A memento of South Atlantic trips

- Perfect for birdwatchers and visitors to the South Atlantic





Greetings card, blank for your own message
Approx 15cm x 10 cm /
6"x 4"
£2.50 (first class postage included)

Original: Sold


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