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Feedback after some of my talks:

"That was the best talk I've been to, and I've been going to art history talks for almost 30 years."
(Impressionist Ladies talk)

"Her [Jackie's] depth of knowledge of wildlife generally, as well as in ancient Egypt, vivid visual aids, and wealth of anecdotes fascinated us all. It is a pleasure to listen to someone who is a master of their subject, and retains an infectious enthusiasm for it."
(Wildlife Art of Ancient Egypt talk)

Talks & workshops

Jackie Garner, Wildlife Artist

"Jackie, it was a great success and we were delighted."

- Comment from event organiser

I give illustrated talks for groups who want entertainment, fabulous images and subject matter that adds a little variety to their programme.

Each talk is divided into two halves (each about 45 minutes) with a short break midway through. The format and content can be adjusted to suit your group. I provide all the equipment unless agreed prior to the talk.

If you organise talks and presentations for wildlife groups or art societies -
or in fact any other group - you can download my Talks and Workshops brochure for more information.

Looking for something with more practical art work? See Workshops & Classes

For any other questions enquire by email or see Talks & workshops FAQs.

The Wildlife Artist’s Handbook - The Making of a Wildlife Art Book
We all love books, but where do you start when you’re commissioned to write and illustrate one? What’s involved? What to include and
what to leave out? What do I wish I’d known? This presentation also includes lots of tips for drawing and painting wildlife. The story of a steep learning curve from initial email to the excitement of seeing the book on the bookshop shelves.
Wildlife Artist’s World - Behind the Scenes
What does a professional art career in today’s challenging economic climate really involve? Painting pictures only accounts for a surprisingly small part of it. This presentation traces a route from enthusiastic amateur to professional artist, looking at images that
I've found inspiring, “lucky” coincidences, strategies for survival, and triumphs and failures along the way.

The Art of Ancient Egypt
Explore the materials and techniques used in ancient Egyptian art, with an introduction to my own work inspired by wildlife in ancient Egyptian art.


  • "It was fascinating and I think that everyone enjoyed the presentation. I was glad I came along"
  • "Jackie was so organised and calm. The images she had ready were really beautiful. It was an excellent talk"
  • "That was something different. The speaker was very good, presented well, and the talk was extremely enjoyable. Thank you"
  • "Jackie, it was a great success and we were delighted.
Focus on the Falklands
Five weeks of spectacular scenery and wildlife in these remote islands. Pecked by a penguin and accosted by an albatross: find out about the realities of life as a wildlife artist, and view some of the resulting artwork.
View video clip
Nature in Art
Nature was probably the first subject to be portrayed by mankind. This talk begins with cave paintings and examines the changing relationship between the artist and the natural world. We look at images by various artists and investigate the possible options open to an artist inspired by nature.
Birds in Art
The first part of this presentation looks at the changing trends in the depiction of birds. The second part relates to my long-term interests in birdwatching and painting, and my transition from a "naturalist interested in art" to an "artist interested in nature".

Impressionist Ladies
We take a glimpse into the lives of the two best-known female members of the French Impressionist movement. The first half of the talk concentrates on Berthe Morisot, the second half on Mary Cassatt. We explore their similarities and differences and see how two women artists in a man's world produced some of the most radical work in the history of art.


  • "That was the best talk I've been to, and I've been going to art history talks for almost thirty years."
  • "I loved every second of your talk, and your delivery is really good too."
  • "That was fascinating. I'm inspired to go and buy lots of books on the subject now."
  • "When are you doing that exact same talk next? I want to hear it all again."
  • "You should hear the comments... everybody loved it."

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