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"That was fascinating. I'm inspired to go and buy lots
of books on the subject now."


Thank you so much for such an informative, enjoyable and well-presented talk. My task now is to check when we might stay for a few days on Lundy. I've already blown the dust off an old (unused) sketchbook to remind me of an earlier ambition. Now see what you've started!

Contact Jackie Garner, wildlife artist

My mission is to inspire – to enthuse, enlighten and encourage - others through creativity.

I achieve this by creating paintings in response to my direct experiences of the natural world, and then sharing my discoveries and skills via exhibitions, books, workshops, talks and demonstrations.


The natural world is a source of endless fascination. When I’m bubbling over with enthusiasm about what I’ve experienced, I want you to have the chance to feel the same way. That’s why I paint, teach and write – to communicate my excitement.

“I don’t think we have ever had such a happy and absorbing day and I know that everyone there enjoyed it as much as I did.” Workshop organiser


Every day brings opportunities for new discoveries. Maybe it’s a different art technique, a newly discovered fact or a fresh understanding of the natural world. As I’m enlightened by what I experience, I aim to pass that on to you.

“Yesterday was a most enjoyable and enlightening experience, for which I thank you very much on behalf of our Art Club.” Group visit organiser


Years ago, someone told me “You have the gift of encouragement”. Whether it’s through direct teaching in a formal art class, a demonstration to an art group, or via an informal chat during a residency, that gift takes centre stage.

"A couple of years ago I was struggling so much with my art I was considering giving up altogether. Then I came to one of your classes and it changed everything. I've never looked back." Workshop participant

So whether it’s a painting, book, workshop, talk or demonstration, you’ll know that Enthuse-Enlighten-Encourage is woven through its DNA. And that’s inspiring.


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Jackie Garner, wildlife artist
Jackie Garner, professional
UK-based wildlife artist
in her Gloucestershire studio


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