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Feathers in online wildlife art gallery

Feathers have everything an artist could wish to depict – shape, pattern, colour, texture, shine, iridescence, subtlety and even character. Making a detailed study of a single feather also helps understanding of a bird’s markings or shape - great reference for when you come to paint the whole bird. Non-artists tend to love feathers too. Who hasn’t picked up a moulted feather and admired it, firstly as a child and later in adulthood? Feathers are even believed to be symbolic of spirituality, trust or freedom.

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Watercolour of iridescence on black feathers
Watercolour of feather studies
"Black" Feathers

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Watercolour of feathers
Kind of Blue

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Watercolour of Feathers Watercolour of Mallard Feathers watercolour of Feathers Watercolour of feather studies

Mallard Feathers
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Feather studies V

Feather studies Sold

Watercolours are often described as the most difficult art medium, but there are some occasions when a wildlife artist will find they're the only choice. For my feather paintings, for example, I would never choose anything else. They can be overlaid to depict iridescence, they’re precise enough for details of pattern and a wet-into-wet technique is perfect for showing the soft, fluffy afterfeather.

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