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Rockhopper penguin painting

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My penguin paintings have led to me being known by some as "the penguin lady". It all started with a four-week tour of the Falkland Islands that provided some of the most inspiring field work of my wildlife art career and was the basis for many paintings of penguins and other Falklands wildlife. The resulting watercolours and acrylics of Falklands grebes, plover and albatrosses, can be viewed here, along with - of course - penguin paintings.

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Acrylic painting of penguins on cliff
Acrylic painting of two-banded plover
Going Up, Coming Down (detail)
Original £1,200
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Acrylics painting of Magellenic Penguins
Magellanic Penguins
Original £750
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Acrylic penguin painting "Putting on the Ritz" Painting of Falkland Grebes Acrylic painting of Two-banded Plover "Growing Up" penguin paintings and cards
Putting on the Ritz

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Falklands Grebes

Two-banded Plover Sold Growing up Sold
Cards available

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The Falkland Islands is one of those locations that gets wildlife artists and photographers salivating: stunning scenery and abundant wildlife, from feisty rockhoppers to soaring albatrosses and watchful skuas… I wasn't a huge fan of penguins before visiting the Falklands but I came home completely converted. My favourites were the rockhoppers, as you might guess since they feature so prominently in my penguin paintings. Sitting on the beach watching the penguins coming in from the sea was a scene just begging to be painted and resulted in Heading Home and Falklands Flappers
, two of my most popular penguin paintings. Sometimes life just can't be any better than being a wildlife artist!

Acrylic painting of Albatross chick
Acrylic painting 'Rockhopper showers'
Albatross chick Sold
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"Heading Home" Rockhopper penguins painting in acrylics
Heading Home Sold
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Oil painting of Penguins Acrylic painting of Flightless Steamer duck Acrylic painting of Rockhopper penguin Acrylic painting of rockhoppers in water

King of the Gentoo
(work in progress)

Flightless Steamer Duck Sold On the Rocks Sold Rockhopper Showers Sold

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