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"There is a wealth of information here, and I can’t imagine how a budding wildlife artist wouldn’t benefit hugely from owning it."

- Charlie Moores,
Talking Naturally

British wildlife artist Jackie Garner answers FAQs

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The Wildlife Artist's Handbook is a practical guide to wildlife art. Originally commissioned as a 'How to Draw and Paint Wildlife' guide, it was soon apparent that something different was required. There are already plenty of 'How To...' books available - it was time for a new approach. I believed that The Wildlife Artist's Handbook would give a more complete picture (no pun intended) of the genre.

Ultimately, The Wildlife Artist's Handbook acts as a companion to the reader as they progress from the first tentative drawings of a moving subject, to being confident enough to share their work with a local, and then global, audience.

It is a dual purpose book, offering practical advice, and showcasing wildlife art from history and from thirty contemporary professional artists. Whether or not the reader picks up a pencil, they will enjoy the inspiring images from this beautiful book.

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The Wildlife Artist's Handbook is part of a series of art titles from Crowood Press, an independent publisher with over 2,500 titles to their credit. Books in the series are in-depth publications commissioned from authors who are experts in their fields.

The Wildlife Artist's Handbook comprises 55,000 words and 250 images.

If you'd like further information about The Wildlife Artist's Handbook please contact me:

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