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20-24 July


Acrylic painting of Peregrines
Golden Eagle

Original £640
Cards available
Buy online Peregrines painting

Eagle Owl painting with acrylics
Eagle Owl

Cards Available
Buy online Eagle Owl painting
             Hold your mouse over the small pictures for a larger version 
Red Kite Acrylic painting of Woodpigeons Little Owl painting with acrylics Acrylic painting of Golden Eagle Barn Owl painting in watercolour
Red Kite
Original £780
Prints available

Buy online - Red Kite original and prints
Little Owl II

Golden Brown

Cards available
Buy online - 'Golden Brown' original

Barn Owl
Original £175  

Buy online Barn Owl painting

Peregrine painting in acrylics
Red kite studies
Watercolour painting of little Owl
Little Owl

             Hold your mouse over the small pictures for a larger version 
Acrylic painting of Golden-ringed Dragonfly Acrylic painting of Lanner Falcon Little Owl III Red Kites studies
Red Kite Soaring
Lanner Falcon
Cards available
Buy online Lanner Falcon greetings cards
Little Owl III
Cards available
Buy online - 'Little Owl III' greeting cards
Red Kite Studies

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