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Sika Encounter
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Sika Encounter owes much to one of the great influences in my art career - the work of John Singer Sargent.

His work The Hermit (Il Solitario) showed how a subject relates to its environment. Sargent explores the unity between human, animal and landscape and the play of light, the texture, the gesture of paint. I love the way Sargent used tone to emphasize or reduce the impact of a line, how he limited the range of colours to unify the different elements and how a single brushstroke could convey so much.

I started to experiment with the ideas within my own work. The relationship between wildlife and habitat is a central theme in much of my work, and Sargent helped me to translate my thoughts into paintings. In Sika Encounter, I've used a change in tone to emphasize or reduce impact within the painting.

Hanging tips:

  • This picture really makes a statement so choose a prominent position in a room where it will receive plenty of visitors
  • Leave plenty of space around the picture to give it room to breathe
  • With a brown frame, this picture works well in a room with neutral tones

Why choose a an original painting?

- Original artwork enhances your room and lifts your mood. Feel a rush of pleasure every time you look at it.

- Bring the beauty of wildlife into your home

- Treat your family to a unique and special piece of artwork

- Be the envy of your friends and family - no one else will have this painting

- "A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires." Hedy Lamarr





Framed original in acrylics for sale £1,900.00
74cm x 360cm / 25" x 142"

Shipping not included. Please contact me for further details and delivery options.

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